Jun 26, 2011

America's Biggest Beer Drinkers - No. 14: Mississippi

No. 14 Biggest Beer Drinker: Mississippi

Gallons sold per capita: 24.2
Population of legal drinking age: 2,072,004
State excise taxes collected on malt beverages: $30,686,417

Mississippians drink a surprising amount of beer for a place with strict alcohol laws. Beer with more than about 6.3 percent alcohol by volume is illegal. Of 82 counties in Mississippi, 36 counties are dry for beer and light wine sales (some cities in these counties have voted to allow beer), according to the state Revenue Dept. Alcoholic beverages cannot be sold within 400 feet of a school, church, kindergarten, children's day care, or funeral home, though the rules for beer vary by municipality or county.

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